BINUS – TIRI MoU Signing

On June 2012, BINUS and TIRI signing Memorandum of Agreement. The activity will include academic research, lecturer mobility and student mobility, therefore :

  • Improving the quality of teaching integrity. Research, training and other activities are held with integrity held for students, faculty, staff, and the community in general are focused on teaching.
  • Support efforts BINUS For articulate and support the education of integrity within the development of content, strategies, and raising funds from TIRI or from others IEN partners.

Integrity Education Network (IEN), is the flagship program of Tiri-Making Integrity Work. Integrity Education Network was founded with the belief that universities and professional training is an essential part of the national integrity system. IEN key component of the strategy is to build long-term partnerships with universities. Integrity Education Network purpose is to strengthen the capacity of educators and institutions of training and education to prepare professionals who can give priority to critical thinking in a systematic and sustainable integrity to improve environmental governance (governance).