About BIDC

BINUS Institutional Development Center (BIDC)

BINUS Institutional Development Center (BIDC) is focusing both on Study Program Development and Project Management Office, facilitates study program in managing National and International Grants Projects.

BINUS now has 2 Doctoral Programs (Management and Computer Science), 4 Magister Programs (Management, Information System, Computer Science and Industrial Engineering), 26 Bachelor Programs, and 2 Diploma Programs. Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of Ristek and Higher Education has a scholarship program for Lecturer (BPPDN) for Indonesia Lecturer to get Magister Program in Computer Science in BINUS.

In 2014, ASEAN Youth Council Singapore to grant to the School of Design BINUS to hold the 12th annual event Fresh and Brite with the theme of the ASEAN Youth Festival in December 2014. Representative dari 10 ASEAN Countries participate in this event, sharing and cultural design workshop for 5 days in a row.

We are exploring and seeking for synergistic partnership between Study Programs and Organizations to hold any projects, but not limited in research, cultural exchange, etc. Our experience more than 34 years in education, brings rich collaborative intra discipline and expertise.


BINUS Institutional Development Center
Kampus Syahdan #L2E
Jl. KH Syahdan No. 9
Jakarta 11480 – Indonesia

Email : skurnia@binus.edu